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Beach Flag

Beach Flag is a perfect choice for special events or promotion on beach, people will be easily attracted by its special shape.
The material we use in the flag pole is aluminium, and there are many kinds of beach flag base for your choice.
1. Cross base, screwed base and spike base for your choice.
2. It’s Luxury style, comes with zinc chrome cross base.
3. Heavy and several types feet suit to different occasions like beach, outdoor flat land, grass land and so on.
4. Heat transfer / sublimation printing.

3 Meter Knife Shape Size: (W) 60 x (H) 250cm
3 Meter Teardrop Shape Size: (W) 72 x (H) 225cm
Material: Metal feet, Aluminium pole
Package: padded bag
Weight: 4kg per unit
Ctn size: (H) 105 x (W) 27 x (D) 21cm
Ctn weight: 21kg for 5pcs

3 Meter Flag Size: (W) 55 x (H) 180cm
4 Meter Flag Size: (W) 78 x (H) 250cm
Material: PP base / Steel tube
Water tank weight: 1.2kg (water tank base with water 20KGs)
5 Meter Flag Size: (W) 100 x (H) 350cm
Material: PP base / Aluminium alloy tube (4 water tank base combination with water 76KGs)
Packaging: Paper cotton
Water tank only
Ctn size: (H) 69 x (W) 69 x (D) 58cm
Ctn weight: 43kg for 20 unit
Flag pole only
Ctn size: (H) 155 x (W) 16 x (D) 11cm
Ctn weight: 0kg for 20 unit


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